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Is something wrong with the blacks?

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There is a special group of people that originate from Sub Sahara Africa, however they are now scattered all over the world as a result of slave trade and migration. This people have the darkest skin of any people on earth, may be that’s why they are called the black race or simply blacks. The question most linguists always ask is, if a skin is black but let’s leave that question for them as we shall use the term blacks to refer to this group of people of African origin with dark skin.

Similar skin color is also shared between them and the people of southern India, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh.

Are all races equal? If no, then;

Does different skin complexion means varying intelligence and other traits? If yes, then;

Is it that the lighter your skin the more intelligent you possess?

This questions are subject to debates. One American president once asserted that “All humans are created equal but you see black women God blessed them with butts” This statement confirms that races vary in physical appearance as has also been proven by scientific studies. Physical variance of races is not a bone of contention. What is yet to be proven is whether races vary in intelligence.

We shall look at this problem with global facts.

-In the world Africa has the most blacks and it is the poorest and the most undeveloped continent in the world.

  • In Africa the Northern region is occupied by whites maybe that’s why North Africa is far better than the rest of the continent that are inhabited by blacks.

  • In India, the part occupied by people of darker skin colour is currently the most backward despite India’s rapid development.

  • This trend goes same for, Brazil, US, UK, France, Italy, and other American and European black communities.

-In South Africa, despite having black majority yet the blacks are marginalized. When whites ruled, South Africa was flourishing but when blacks took power the country started dilapidating.

  • Jamaica, is one of the few countries outside of Africa with majority of blacks maybe that’s why She is so underdeveloped in relation to Her North American counterparts.

One would say underdevelopment is an African problem but looking at the facts above, nothing would be left in your mind than to ask, is something wrong with the blacks?

1 thought on “Is something wrong with the blacks?

  1. Was expecting an answer for ” what is really wrong with blacks?”
    Never saw any, but enough reason to believe something is wrong with us.

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