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Liverpool continues their good UCL record against Barca.

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UEFA champions league

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Liverpool and Barcelona

Head to head (H2H)

Date March score

  1. 30-03-1976 Bar V Liv 0-1
  2. 14-04-1976 Liv V Bar 1-1
  3. 05-04-2001 Bar V Liv 0-0
  4. 19-04-2001 Liv V Bar 1-0
  5. 20-10-2001 Liv V Bar 1-3
  6. 13-03-2002 Bar V Liv 0-0
  7. 21-02-2007 Bar V Liv 1-2
  8. 06-03-2007 Liv V Bar. 0-1
  9. 01-04-2019 Bar V Liv. 3-0
  10. 08-04-2019 Liv V Bar. 4-0

All matches are in the UEFA competition.

Before 2019 a total of eight (8) matches has been played between Liverpool and Barcelona, with the Catalans winning two (2) times and have only qualified once out of four times while the reds has won three times and have qualified three times out of four encounter. Three matches has been drawn.

The both teams met again in the 2018/2019 UEFA champions league with a surprising 4:0 defeat against Barcelona at Anfield. Before the match at Anfield Barcelona had initially won the reds 3:0. At the end of the final whistle at Anfield the Catalans exited the league.

2019 is the fourth time Liverpool is sending Barca home out of five a record not held by many English team.

Is Liverpool Barca’s English doom?

2 thoughts on “Liverpool continues their good UCL record against Barca.

  1. Liverpool will certainly knock Barcelona out of the competition

    1. Most football fans, especially the EPL fans favour that prediction, like you know there is no certainty in football especially champions league.

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