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Who’s Having A Bad Season? Arsenal or Man United?

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Let’s talk about the Premier League today.Man United fans are 😡😡… Arsenal fans are 😡😡It’s sad how 2 of one of the biggest clubs in English football are currently in crisis.

Both United & Arsenal are fighting to finish in the top 4, that is if they even make top 4.

In the past, these 2 big clubs used to fight for the title .

The Alex Ferguson & Arsene Wenger rivalry. The good times. The Arsene Wenger & Alex Ferguson era.

The Good Times.Now it’s Ole Solskjaer & Unai Emery. Both managers unable to impose their strategy.

The players are confused. The fans are boiling.It’s just 4 points separating them on the Premier League table but their story this season is the same – Very Disappointing!

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